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Broadway Rising With Jesse Tyler & Bernadette Peters

Broadway Rising focuses on the Broadway community during the longest shutdown in history and before the screening at the Tribeca Film Festival , Lauren Conlin spoke to Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Bernadette Peters.

Lauren Conlin: You won last night. And now we’re at the Tribeca Film Festival. Now I want to know, is there anything in this movie and you can both answer me? Is there anything that might be too painful for you guys to watch? Because this was a rough time for everybody. I feel like when I look back on the pandemic, I want to cry. And I’m not even, you know, on Broadway.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I mean, there’s a lot of really, I really applaud our subjects who are part of this documentary because they opened up their hearts, and they got vulnerable. And there are moments that make me tear up every single time. You know, we were in a place where we were in a very dark place, and this is our career and it can completely ceased to exist. And we’re artists and we need to we need to create art in order to feel like we’re who we are. So watching that emotion always gets to me.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I look awesome at 46 yeah.

Lauren Conlin: That though, I actually like gives me something to look forward to.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Absolutely. 46 is a great year.

Bernadette Peters: It’s great. I mean, last night, we were like, everybody was like kids being let out of school. They were just having a great time. very loud, very noisy. And this is this is before we went into the theater, the red carpet, and I thought the show was great last night. I thought she did a great job. And Ariana and great energy and great life and and I just was I was very happy for everyone.

Lauren Conlin: Well, my favorite part was truly the tribute to Sondheim I mean that to me was so moving and some of my favorite shows you’ve been a part of Into the Woods. My daughter loves that show. Now I pass it on to her so just you and your presence like you just mean so much to us and our family.

Bernadette Peters: Oh, thank you well, I you know, I did six Sondheim shows actually the last reading that’s seven. I mean, he’s meant everything to me. And I just love his words and his music. And we it was a it was a it’s a great loss. It’s just a great loss. Everybody feels that.

Lauren Conlin: I was just gonna say I think we all felt it. And now were you happy with the outcome of the winners last night? Did you feel like there are any snubs at all?

Bernadette Peters: You know, I have to say because I’ve been away I haven’t seen all, the only shows I’ve seen are two shows. I saw a Girl From North Country which I love. And I saw How I Learned to Drive so I’m getting ready now gearing up to see all the shows. So

Lauren Conlin: Well then I guess we will wait for your feedback. Thank you so much.

Bernadette Peters: Thank you so much.

Broadway’s Most Anticipated Night – 75th Tony Awards

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