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Few clicks to do something monumental might sound too good to be true. Your signature alone won’t directly put anyone in jail or charge anyone for murder but two voices are stronger than one. You have the power to demand and pressure those in power to bring justice.

The Black Lives Matter Movement shouldn’t be something we care about for a day or week while it is trending. The BLM movement is not just a black square on your Instagram or a way to divert attention from other things so let’s keep the momentum going.

Here is a comprehensive list of petitions and details about some cases. We can make a change, but we can only do it together.


Justice for Breonna Taylor: an EMT who was killed in her own home in a raid by the police. The police officers were at the wrong place and Breonna Taylor’s killers have yet to be fired and arrested for murder. Although the state of Kentucky has passed a law against the type of police raids that killed Breonna, even naming it after her, justice has yet to be served.

Justice for Toyin Salau: A 19-year-old Black Lives Matter activist was found dead in Florida. She reached out for help after being kidnapped by an unidentified man but was not given any.

Justice for Brayla Stone: who was a black trans woman who was murdered by a man who had boasted about killing her and getting money for it.

Justice for Tete Gulley: who was a black trans woman who had been found hanging from a tree in Portland, Oregon. Investigators deemed her death a suicide but there is evidence that points to foul play that is being ignored.

Justice for Tyrese West: Tyrese West was fatally shot by a police officer who was following him while riding his bike. The officer believed he had a gun, but he was unarmed. After killing him, the officer dragged his body onto the street and left him there for nine hours before anyone discovered him.


Reform Qualified Immunity: Police Officers should not be above the law they are supposed to uphold. This petition wants the Supreme Court to review RQI as there are many cases that point out officers not respecting law.

Federally Require Psychological Screenings for Police Employment and Federal Reforms: Require police officers to be subjected to in-depth psychological tests. This will prove whether or not they can handle situations properly without resulting in killing or harming anyone before they can be hired as a police officer.

Require Racial Bias Tests and Training for Police Employment: Require Police Officers take Racial Bias examinations before being hired as a police officer and for police officers to have to take racial bias training.

Require Advanced Crisis Intervention Training for Police Officers: Require Police Officers to have training in social work and be able to handle mental health situations appropriately.

Ban Law Enforcement from Having Sex with Detainees: Demand the US Department of Justice to make it a federal law across the country that Law Enforcement cannot claim consent in justification and get away with rape.


Reopen Sandra Bland’s Case: In 2015 she was pulled over for failing to turn signal which resulted in her brutal beating and arrest. Days later, she was found dead in her cell and her death was ruled a suicide. The officer was never punished for assaulting her. Her death was never investigated properly, nor did the prison follow protocol. New evidence has surfaced that is believed to have been withheld in court.

Justice for Tamir Rice: killed in 2014 at the age of 12 by police for playing with a toy gun in an open-carry state. To this day, the officers responsible for his death have yet to be charged. They were even indicted by a jury that even ruled they were in the right. This petition wants to reopen the case and to investigate the handling of this case.

Reopen the Kendrick Johnson Case: He was 17 years old when his body was found rolled up in his school gym’s mats. Though clearly not a suicide, his death was ruled as a suicide. There is evidence to prove that he has been murdered, but there was never a proper investigation.

Reopen the Doyle Duncan Case: He was found hanging from a tree in 2003 at 14 years old. Day prior to his death, it is believed he was assaulted by racist students at his school. The school refused to publish a story about his death in their school newspaper and the family believes there was a cover-up and that his case should be reopened.

Demand the Governor of Alabama commute the sentence of Willie Simmons: who was arrested in 1982 for a robbery of $9. He has been in prison for the past 38 years, having gotten a sentence of life in prison without parole. Rapists and sex offenders have gotten far less time for far greater crimes. He has filed several appeals, but all of which were denied and he has no appeal options left.

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