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Alicia Keys Presents: Keys Soulcare

Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys is the latest celebrity to start her own beauty brand. Keys Soulcare is a new skincare line aimed to benefit the mind, body, and soul. This includes cleansers, creams, and more. According to the brand, Keys worked closely with dermatologists—ensuring “clean, safe, and effective product offerings.” Not to mention, KS is cruelty-free. Keys also aimed to highlight healing within the company. Below are some of the top products sure to give you smooth skin and inner peace.


From poetry to Alicia Keys’ own life lessons, Keys Soulcare aspires to aid their consumers to feed their curiosity. But what about their Obsidian Face Roller? This cooling tool promotes smoother and supple skin. Plus, obsidian is known to block negative energies. The Obsidian Face Roller retails for $25.

(Courtesy of Keys Soulcare)


KS doesn’t just want you to be radiant on the outside, but the inside as well. The Harmony Mask might accomplish both. The moisturizing mask intends to hydrate the skin. The key ingredient of Manuka honey is known for its moisturizing properties, as seen in popular skincare products. It’s also scented with sandalwood, an earthy fragrance often found to be calming. The Harmony Mask retails for $28.

(Courtesy of Keys Soulcare)


With soul being a core focus in the brand, there’s no wonder a candle is included in the line. The Sage and Oat Milk Candle target the soul with its warm scent. The sage and oat milk combine to make a calming space whenever you need to unwind. The Sage and Oat Milk Candle retails for $38.

(Courtesy of Keys Soulcare)

Thinking you might want a complete set? The brand provides seven different rituals to meet your needs. Keys offers a Couples Ritual, making for a shared experience in self-care. It includes five skincare products as well as the Sage and Oat Milk Candle. The rituals range from $93 to $197.

Keys Soulcare is now available online and at Ulta.

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