7 of the Best Foods Trending on TikTok Now

TikTok is home to learning about different trends, especially in media. Curious about top-charting songs? TikTok is filled with creators dancing to it. What about the hottest makeup on the market? You’ll find makeup artists testing their abilities and creativity. But, some of the latest food crazes get popularized on the app, too. From corn dogs to tacos, this app will satisfy your cravings. Wondering about some of these viral foods? Here are 7 of the most popular foods on TikTok and where to find them.

Birria Tacos

This common Mexican dish has made its round on social media. Creators have tried to make the dish, from TikTok to YouTube. The flavorful tacos are filled with beef, chilis, and more. But, it can take more than three hours to prepare. So, what if you don’t have the time to spare? Chinelos Birria Tacos in Queens has you covered.

Corn Dogs

Yes, corn dogs. But this isn’t the typical lunch from your childhood. Korean corn dogs come in a variety of flavors. The street cuisine offers options of cheese, different breading, and even squid ink. Some even use potatoes and spicy batters. The Basac in Queens is known for its take on the popular dish.

A crazy Korean corn dog chain just opened up in Seattle
(Courtesy of Curiocity)

Nature’s Cereal

Are you wanting to try a food trend that’s easy to recreate? “Nature’s cereal” is so easy, you probably have the ingredients in your home already. Musician Lizzo even hopped on the trend. The dish consists of coconut water, fruit, and the optional ice cube. It does mirror a smoothie sans blender. But it’s a great way to bring fruit to your breakfast.

Fufu and Egusi Soup

Like many viral foods, they’re not new dishes. Fufu and egusi soup is actually a common dish in West African cultures, particularly Nigeria and Ghana. But it suddenly gained traction online. The Fufu Challenge is now a trend where people unfamiliar with the cuisine taste it for the first time. If you want a traditional experience, check out Accra Restaurant in Harlem!

What is fufu and how do you make it? - TODAY
(Courtesy of Today)

Baked Feta Pasta

Time is a precious thing to waste. So why not try a quick meal? Baked feta pasta is a great option. Plus, the meal is customizable. It tends to feature roasted tomatoes, feta cheese, and your favorite pasta.

Extreme Milkshakes

Milkshakes are a classic dessert treat. But what about shakes topped with cookies and cake? These extravagant adaptations on milkshakes are all the craze on TikTok. So much so, it garners over 1.7 million views. Black Tap in NYC offers their own interpretations, dubbed CrazyShakes.


Are you looking for meat substitutes? This recipe might be just for you. Seitan is the latest meatless craze. The dish consists of only flour, so it’s simple to recreate. The chicken substitute originated in Asian cuisine. But it finally made its way to Western cultures.

Custom Starbucks Drinks

If cooking isn’t your talent, you can’t go wrong with Starbucks. Custom Starbucks drinks aren’t a new trend. In fact, you’ll find several videos of custom drinks on YouTube alone. But TikTok brings more creativity. Want to liven up your cookies and creme frap? There’s a recipe for that. Obsessed with WandaVision? There’s a recipe for that, too.


spooky szn frap!! order a vanilla bean Frappuccino with Java chips and strawberry purée in the cup and on top!!! #starbucks #foryou

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