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During United Nations General Assembly week Pop Style TV attended a High-Level Event in New York City where some of the world’s most extraordinary citizens gathered to announce #WeThePlanet. Main mission of We The Planet is to unite in action to reimagine our approach to leadership, power, peace, prosperity, people, partnership and most importantly our planet.

We The Planet is a highly curated group of extraordinary citizens, iconic artists, doctors, Nobel Laureates, and Heads of State that are advocates for the future of organizations, leadership, climate change, the oceans, land, and the diverse array of life it protects including humanity. The whole event was lead and organized by extraordinary Kunal Sood.

Kunal Sood at the U.N. for SDG Moonshots Summit


We first met Mr. Sood for the recent SDG Moonshots Summit which was held last month at the UN.

This is where Pop Style TV had an opportunity to exclusively interview Kunal Sood founder of #WeThePlanet , Novus and XFellows . When asked about his vision Mr. Sood said :

Novus started on 2015 to reimagine the American dream. It was really small club and I didn’t know if I had the chops to pull it off so I started by reimagining the American dream. Then the next year I was invited by the UN to help enhance the idea of the global goals so I transformed my mission statement or rather vision to transform the world . So Novus then became about transforming the world. That was the first time I brought the science of positive psychology and the world of exponential technology and impact together to tell the narrative around the red cape and the green cape. The green cape is all about human flourishing and happiness, the science of well being and the red cape is about putting on your red cape and becoming an iron man. I call them the avengers of social impact. So the idea of moral courage massive transformative purpose, grit, the stuff you live in those heroic movies. So I feel when you have a balance of the two, this was the first of attrition of   Novus . Then I worked on different summits through the years. I did one on innovation, one on connectivity, one around youth and technology, youth and impact and then finally we came to this year which I got really excited about the 50th anniversary of the man landing on the Moon. So that became a narrative that gave me a lot of inspiration to tell a story around how we can unite. Men and women unite to make the impossible possible and more importantly how can we make the Stgs humanities’ ultimate moon shot by 2030. So how can we make the next decade a decade of purpose and massive transformation leadership and how can we go into the future with the sense of inner transformation that allows for effective outward impact . That is where this came from. And then how we should and we must make the Stgs humanitie’s ultimate moonshot. By that I mean we are building a rocket ship to save the most important space ship we have which is Mother Earth. So this is why we did STG Moonshots. To create that idea. 

Find out more about #WeThePlanet go to :

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