Red-Carpet Tips to Enter 2021 Like a Star

Every year as the calendar turns over a new number, our minds fill with thoughts of how we want to live an even better version of ourselves in the coming year. What trends will we embrace? Where will we plan on going for vacation? Whatever your secret plans are for yourself, a new year sets the perfect stage for what is to come. Given the events of the past year, this desire to reinvent, reevaluate and renew has never been on our minds more than now! If you’re like Celebrity Style Correspondent, Tijana Ibrahimovic, your thoughts this time of year also include what the red-carpet awards season has in the waiting. However, many feel that the red-carpet has no relevance for “real people” beyond just providing a few weeks of talk around the water cooler the morning after the statuettes are passed out in prime time. Tijana is here to tell us that there’s a lot that one can take away from the red-carpet stars that will allow you to step into 2021 not only looking like a star but feeling like one too!

Here are 5 of her inside tips that she is sharing with you from her countless times spent alongside the red carpet as the stars make a stroll in front of 100’s of flashing cameras look like a well-dressed walk in the park:

1.Bronzer/Self Tanner by Palazzo Rosa

Unless you live in a tropical place your summer tan is long gone. Summer body probably also gone. We share the same problem! Do you know what celebrities do to feel a little more red carpet ready(In our case zoom ready)? They put a little bronzer or a self-tanning cream on their face or body! There are so many options out there so depending on your natural skin tone or how dark you want to look you can choose the right product. My current favorite self tanner is by Palazzo Rosa. It is also anti-wrinkle cream containing Oil Polyphenols with Calendula, Mallow, Purified Propolis and Aloe. Two hours after applying this product, skin develops a golden and natural tan. Particularly suitable for the face and all skin types. It gives you settle satin color. Whatever product you decide to use, do some research or first test it out so you don’t turn orange. https://popstyletv.com/…/palazzo-rosa-self-tanning-serum/

2.Bright Lipstick

Great color and super holidays appropriate. There are so many different shades of red so it really depends again on your skin tone what works best for you. My main advice is do not go to dark or too Bordo unless you are going for gothic look. You might notice a lot of celebrities love this color. One of many reasons it is important to have your favorite color red handy is if you didn’t get enough sleep or you don’t look to rested it brightens your face and takes away focus from your eye bags or dry skin. My olive skin tone works perfectly with is Maybelline dynamite red.


Nothing speaks holiday season as a little bit of velvet. Lever pillows, velvet tops, velvet purse… guess what looks great on video,so super appropriate for TikTok or Insta-video if you are ready to break away from zoom parties. It just gives you that opulent feeling of some celebrities looking super royal on red carpets or border line movie star in a holiday movie. However, I do think it is time to move on from dark red to some cool bright velvet colors. Hint I, scored the dress I’m wearing in the video on ASOS! Full dress look : https://www.asos.com/us/prd/13750781…

4.Gloves by Zelda Farzak

It is import to stand out. Lots of celebrities dress very simple but then they pick one accessory that makes all the noise. One great idea for this season that celebrities wear often we just don’t give it enough attention are gloves! Her majesty the Queen will tell you !During pandemic, pretty practical too. My current favorite are these bright Queen Suede 100% lamb skin gloves by Zelda Farzak. https://www.zeldafarzak.com/shop/queen-suede-green

5.Golden Glitter boots by Manuela Gomez

How many of you have rocked your favorite stilettos or special pair of high heels for a dance night out recently? Yes, me neither.Why don’t we get a little bit of glitter into our daily lives? You can order a sparkly custom made, golden, glitter, leather pair of boots in Pop Style TV shop. It does take about 3 weeks to receive this fabulous pair, but it will be worth it! Made just for you, you can feel festive every day and have a unique pair no one else has, just like celebrities do. https://popstyletv.com/product/tacco-glitter-gold-booties/

Cover Photo by Hannah Turner Harts

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