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Love Coach Nicole Moore – Cuffing Season

Nicole Moore is a love coach who helps, powerful, influential women find their ideal partner. Using her signature Love Works Method, she’s helped thousands of women find lasting love fast. Nicole started her company while she was in a relationship she thought would lead to marriage. Instead it resulted in emotional abuse and her boyfriend cheating on her. Suddenly single as a life coach, Nicole had to start following her own advice and take every tip she’d ever taught a client – and it worked. She found her dream man exactly one year after following her program and is now happily married with a beautiful son living in Encinitas, CA. We discuss celebrities, pop culture and love !

Interview by: Tijana Ibrahimovic

Edited by: Laura Measher

Tijana: Hi guys. I’m here with Nicole Moore, the love coach!  Welcome Nicole, to POP Style TV.

Nicole Moore: Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited to chat about all things love.

Tijana: Yes, me too. So. What is dating looking like in 2021?

Nicole Moore: Know what I think. Okay. So I think people are falling into two different categories. So there are people who are like, uh, we just went through a pandemic WTF, like, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. And I just want to have fun. Like, I feel like there’s this resurgence of like, let me go out, let me have fun. Let me hot girl summer. Let me just be wild because we’ve been so contracted. Right? So on the one hand, I feel like there’s just people who just want to be wild, like, go for it, go happy, wild, do your thing. But on the other hand, I feel like there’s people who are more like, I want that relationship, this, this time made me realize what I was missing. Like it’s now, or never kind of thing. Cause like with dating is easy to go out there and date, but if you want to find the right person, like it usually takes something, like  you getting over your fears. And so. In a way, a lot of people kind of had to face all their stuff on the inside and now they’re like, I’m ready for real love. So I think there’s going to be a lot of marriages engagements, committed relationships this year, more so than ever before. And then there’s going to be the buck wild. Like why don’t we just have fun people and you know, wherever you’re at is all good.

Tijana: What are you think about a casual dating? Do you think it ever has any like, uh, you know, potential?

Nicole Moore: I do think it has potential, I think, okay. The issue with casual dating is people don’t understand how to keep it casual on their emotional side. Right. So like, it’s like, you know what I mean? Like I think especially for women, I’m always like go date more than one person or open yourself up and you know what I mean? Don’t like, hang on one person so much, but it’s very hard for people to do that. Like you have to really watch when you’re dating. It’s like, okay, I have these feelings, but is that person showing up? Like, is it, are their feelings appropriate for right now? Because a lot of people. They’ll have, when you’re in a casual relationship, you’re, you’re like, you’re imagining what it would be like with that person. You’re projecting so much stuff onto that person. You’re in love with the image that you’re creating more so than that person. So if you can keep it casual emotionally, it can really work because some people turn casual into romantic and long-term of course, but sometimes when people are showing you, they don’t want anything more than casual, they show you that.You have to believe that.

Tijana: How did you meet your husband? Were you looking for one or it just happened.

Nicole Moore: So I was like actively like manifesting my husband in sense that I was focusing on my vision and I was feeling the feeling of being married before I met my husband. I felt married. I know it’s like, sounds crazy, but I just felt that in my vibration I’m like, I’m already that person. So I was dating, but I was, I was loose about it. Right. So I wasn’t. Okay. So this person, the one I was just like, is this person going to reveal something to me that I need to heal? Or maybe they’re going to show me something amazing. Like they brought me a new level of treatment and I’m never going to go back. I’m not going to keep dating them, but I’ll never go back. Right. So I was kind of looking at every date as you’re going to bring me something good. You’re either, you’re either my man or you’re helping me get there. And I’m just going to look at every experience as it’s bringing me something good. Even if it’s somebody that like ghosts me or whatever. So it was very much like opening  my heart. I was manifesting, but I wasn’t trying to make each person be my husband. So I moved to California though, because I had an intuitive feeling that the love of my life was in California. I’m New York city born and raised, Upper East Side. Like all of that. I don’t have a driver’s license. I mean, I’m like New Yorker, right? I mean, intuition kept telling me that they were in California. And so I packed up and moved to California and I met my husband not long after that. A couple of months after I met him on Tinder. Right. So I was on Tinder. I was doing like all the things, but I was manifesting it at the same time. It wasn’t like I have to go on 5 million dates. I didn’t have time for that. You know, I was busy. Huh.

Tijana: So what are your thoughts on online dating? Obviously it’s worked for you, but do you have any tips or tricks on how to vet, uh, you know, the right person or people that you do want to meet?

Nicole Moore: I think people need to use online dating as feedback. This is what I always say. I have clients, meet people everywhere you can imagine, but if you go online, what the beautiful thing is, you’re going to get information because you’re going to see like, okay, what am I getting? So I get no dates. Do I get scammers? Do I get people who just want sex? Like, do I get people who talk to me a little bit and then they ghost me. If you can look at online and say, this is revealing to me, something about myself, this is revealing to me patterns. Then you can use it for feedback. So I never said go online to find the love of your life. I say, go on line, let’s see what’s happening. And then let’s use that to shift yourself and you can meet someone online. You can meet someone anywhere.

Tijana: So let’s talk about celebrities. This year, so much has happened. I personally was so surprised about quite a few breakups. Some I haven’t been so surprised. What, what do you think about the Kardashian sisters? Like what do you thinking about Kanye and Kim? Did you see that coming?

Nicole Moore: Okay. So Kim and Kanye, I was rooting for them too. So what I liked about their relationship was that they were like letting each other be their real selves. Like Kim knew Kanye was like a crazy artist but she was letting him be himself and he was letting her be herself. And I think the relationship work based on that, but Kanye went over the deep end. Like there’s a certain point where you got a fold where you’re like, no, this is too much. When he talked about wanting to abort North and all that. It was too much. Right. And then the running for president and all that, like, it’s like, I feel like Kim was riding hard for him, but it reached a boiling point. I analyzed their body language and it’s like in every picture it’s like Kanye was doing his own thing. Like he was off doing his own thing. I think Kanye is more about Kanye. And Kim was more about like the family and the relationship. So I think that, um, I was surprised when it ended, but after I analyzed their body language, I was like, okay, this was actually coming for a long time.

Tijana: And so let’s talk about a one more celebrity couples, celebrity that used to be Royals. So what are we thinking about Meghan and Harry? Are they going to stay married?

Nicole Moore: I do think they’re going to stay married. I honestly think if, if Meghan was as conniving as like all the media says, like she deserves a medal for that. If she could like, think of all of those ways to be conniving, I’m like, that’s actually like very intelligent if she was as conniving as they say, I don’t see that. When I look at them, I analyze their body language. Um, for US magazine, I analyzed body language from the Oprah interview. She seemed really happy for him when he was talking about when he was connecting with his grandmother. Genuine emotion there. She didn’t seem like a psychopath who’s just trying to like take over everything. Like she seemed like she actually cared about him and he clearly is like, you know, ride or die.

Tijana: So do you think that he might resent her at some point for also kind of, you know, his relationship with his family is not what it used to be before he was with Meghan?

Nicole Moore: Yeah. Well, he was always a rebel though. Like I think that he, he was always trying to rebel against it. So first of all, I think that they need to understand this. It’s a system. The monarchy is a system and that’s what they’re rebelling against. They’re not rebelling against the family members. They’re rebelling against the system, but of course it’s hard. Right. You know what I mean? To differentiate, but really that whole family it’s like, they’re a family within a system. So if Harry can understand that then, then you know, he’s going to be okay.

Tijana: So tell me what is a Love Oracle?

Nicole Moore: I have a little card deck. So this is it. So, you know, I created a love Oracle card deck. So if you don’t know what an Oracle card deck is, it’s just, you know, a card deck and mine has 62 and there’s different. There’s different images with different phrases on them. And so you, you kind of connect with the energy of the cards and you pull a card. And you can pull for other people or for yourself. Okay. Like what’s the message that most, I most need to know? So the message I’ve pulled for you and your listeners, this is the have it your way card. When you see the have it your way card, it’s a message from whatever you want to call it saying, stop settling relationships, stop thinking you can’t have it. You can create the relationship that you want and it can be your way. So that’s kind of like what an Oracle card deck is. You can get information about the past. You can get information about the future. You can get information about right now. My card deck is called Oracle card deck, and each card comes with like a description and a journal prompt, and a mantra like to help you kind of grow.

Tijana: I love I it, and I love the card you pulled out first so I can have it

Nicole Moore: Good. Yes. People think that relationship is, oh, this is just how it is and I want people to know so much that like, no, and you’re not supposed to have the same relationship as your parents or your friends, or what society says. It’s a creation. And like, it can be exciting if you look at it that way, like you get to have whatever you want. If you can believe it, if you can feel worthy of it, if you can let go of whatever’s inside of you, that you know is not that. So you can be in that place where you can manifest it all.

Tijana: Thank you, Nicole so much for talking to me, it was really great learning all the stuff about relationships and, um, I I’d love to stay in touch. Let’s see. Maybe, uh, maybe also do some or love Oracle readings in the future. Thank you.


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