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Hygge-Inspired Beauty and Self-Care

The autumn and winter months can be a difficult time for one’s mental health. They entail the stresses of holiday shopping and family get-togethers, as well as, fewer hours of sunshine. For students, fall is also a difficult transition from vacation to academic life which has already proven to be quite stressful this year.

In addition, autumn and winter can also entail challenges for one’s complexion. The cold and dry atmosphere can have negative effects Beauty and Self-Care. Winter coats and wooly clothes tend to lead to static and frizz as well.

Considering these factors, it seems that taking the time to prepare an adequate self-care and beauty routine is not just a luxury. One can even consider it a critical priority for surviving these next few months.

Inspiration from Denmark

What's The Meaning Of Hygge... And How The Hygge Do You ...
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Hygge is a central part of Danish culture and is a term that can be related to feelings of warmth, comfort, and well-being. According to Meik Wiking’s Little Book of Hygge, the unique concept may have originated as a means of survival during the colder months of the year.

These days, hygge is often associated with ambient home décor, cozy attire, and warmly spiced foods. However, it may also be a worthwhile source of inspiration for one’s skin and hair care routine.

For a happier winter experience, one can add these three simples, hygge-inspired activities into one’s self-care practice.

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar offers many benefits for the skin and hair.  When diluted with ingredients like green tea, it can act as a potent, pH balancing facial toner and hair conditioner.

Autumn is the perfect time to start making your own apple cider vinegar. After making your favorite pie or strudel recipe, be sure to save the apple cores and peels to do this. It is so simple! The only other things you will need is some water, sugar, a clean jar, and a little bit of patience.

Trying different DIY recipes is another great way to make to make your beauty routine a little more hygge. After putting in the time and effort to make homemade apple cider vinegar, you will feel accomplished and content. Be sure to share the joy by gifting you creation to friends and family.

Pumpkin Spiced Bubble Bath

Punkin Pumpkin
Punkin Pumpkin LUSH

For a winter theme, try using pumpkin and apple-scented bath products. Bath bombs are particularly great as they combine elements of relaxation and playfulness. The warm and aromatic sensations of a bubble bath is the perfect reward after a long stressful week. Add some candles to the mix and you have an ideal hygge experience.

Hydrating Face Masks

Green Tea Water Bomb Mask from 100PercentPure

Moisturizing is a key step towards a successful autumn and winter experience. It is important to have a thorough daily skincare routine that focuses on hydration this season. Even those with oily skin may benefit as it will prevent excess sebum production.

Using hydrating face masks, like 100% Pure’s Green Tea Water Bomb Mask, can be a helpful way to wind down and de-stress. Incorporate them into your emergency self-care kit along with a cozy blanket, scented candles, and some of your favorite chocolates. Play some relaxing music and try out a simple mulled wine recipe. Just a little extra effort can turn skincare into luxurious moments.

Relaxation as a Must

4 Ways to Make Bath Time Even More Relaxing
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Setting aside time to truly pamper yourself becomes even more crucial during stressful, busy times. In the end, a healthy and happy mental state will allow you to accomplish all the things you need to kick off 2021.  

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