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Clear and Brilliant with Dr. Gary Goldenberg

Clear and Brilliant certainly sounds how I would like people to describe my skin. Stress, lack of sleep or just old acne scars can mess up this perfect skin plan of mine. I noticed my skin needed some “refreshment” so I searched for an ideal treatment. As a scary cat that keeps thinking of Samantha’s from Sex and the City face after chemical peel I do thorough research, including a background check on a doctor I decide to visit. Just joking of course, or am I?

There are plenty of options available but which one can reverse the signs of aging and is a completely safe way of rejuvenating facial skin? I stumbled upon an article in Fashion Daily Mag  and read about Clear+Brilliant done by Dr. Goldenberg who specializes in medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology.

This treatment seemed to be a great solution for patients looking to clear the skin of hyper-pigmentation,  freckles, reduce pore size, help with acne, and improve the general appearance of skin. It is less invasive than other treatments, meaning less down time.  The treatment is non-surgical and Dr. Goldenberg has successfully used it on many patients in NYC.


My visit

Dr. Goldenberg is very friendly, patient and ready to answer any questions. He is very confident in what he can do for your skin. Interesting fact, Clear + Brilliant is also the only laser approved by the FDA to reduce pore size. Once he evaluated my skin he applied numbing cream to make sure I will feel comfortable during the procedure. ( I asked for double dose, since I was worried it will hurt. There was no need for it).

Once I couldn’t feel my face we started the treatment. I felt a warm sensation as device was placed to  areas of my skin and within 15 minutes it was done. There are different strength options and he used maximum on my skin. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was super red so naturally I freaked out but pretended to be calm. My face was red for the rest of the day so when I woke up the next day I ran to the mirror. All the redness was gone!!!


My skin felt like sand paper. I had a chemical peel before and my skin was literally falling off. Reaction is not as noticeable so at first I thought great, my skin will stay like a sand paper and I will see no “brilliance”. Oh boy was I wrong! A week after the treatment a colleague of mine asked me if I did botox or something else on my skin. For me, that was an amazing compliment and a sign that I am starting to look “brilliant”. On the 8th day, my biggest critic, my mother told me my skin looked amazing. I still couldn’t tell but compliments kept coming. Two weeks after the treatment, I was pilled off and my smooth, re-energized face with an amazing glow was very obvious. I love the way my skin looks after just one treatment.  I can’t wait to do it again. This method works and I am sticking to it!

This is what Clear and Brilliant did for me:

Smoothened skin that was  uneven on surface

Reduced face pores and oiliness

Boosted facial skin elasticity

Created a glowing, radiant look

In addition Clear and Brilliant Re-stimulates production of collagen in the skin.

Call  (212) 241-9728 and make an appointment with  Dr. Gary Goldenberg who is the Medical Director of Mount Sinai Dematology Faculty Practice + Board Certified Dermatlogist & Dermapathologist, located at 5 E. 98th st | Mount Sinai.


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Tijana is an entertainment journalist and television personality. Some of her most noted interviews are with Oscar de la Renta, Joan Rivers, Kelsey Grammar, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Ashanti and many more.
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