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Marc Lupo has quite the resume. A long time obsession with pop culture has put him at the center of entertainment and celebrity in New York City, working as a reporter, writer, and producer for Us Weekly and podcast co-host for iHeart Radio. I was able to chat with Marc on his rise to where he is today, and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to create the pop culture we know and love.

Marc’s journey to where he is today began with his fascination with daytime talk shows. He reminisced on staying home from school to watch TV, as well as shows like E! News and whatever red carpet was happening. “I had a feeling I had to be a part of it,” he says, going on to discuss how his internships with shows like Live With Regis and Kelly and The Montel Williams Show solidified his desire to work in the entertainment industry. “I just felt alive there, I felt like I was in my element.”

After working as a producer, Marc made his way into journalism with Us Weekly. His past experience as a producer, booking talent, having conversations with celebrities, talent managers, etc. made this transition easier than you may think. “I became myself around the big stars,” he says, “it just felt like talking to your friend on the street.”

Despite his ease around the biggest of stars, there is of course still the need to get something interesting. “There’s a lot of pressure to get the scoop,” he says, going on to detail the extensive preparation that goes into red carpet and sit-down interviews. Marc’s style is to get an update on what’s really going on in his subject’s lives, exploring things no one has touched on or things they haven’t been asked about in awhile. The key is making them comfortable, and if you can have a good conversation a good piece can come out of it.

“That is a joy for me, when we both leave and I’m going to make a great story, they’re going to be so happy, we had a great conversation, everyone wins.” -Marc Lupo

Marc Interviewing Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland (Photo Credit Luis Zepeda )

Although the job is a lot of work, there are plenty of unique perks to working in this sphere. Marc has witnessed some of pop culture’s most memorable moments in recent history, including Lady Gaga’s four outfit changes at the 2019 Met Gala and Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s fight at a New York Fashion Week party. His favorite part about these types of events is going to the dinners. “That’s where the real fun happens,” he says, discussing how everyone is a little more loose, telling jokes, letting their guard down, showing what it’s really like to be part of that world. A lot of the best stories originate from these eyewitness accounts.

As a lover of celebrity culture himself, Marc has plenty to say about it. When asked what side he likes more, the more serious stories or the gossip, he sees the value in both. Balancing the lighthearted with the intense keeps things fresh, and he can have different conversations every day. When it comes to the more serious stuff, there’s always the need to approach with sensitivity and understanding, “that’s part of the skill,” he says, “knowing how to pivot between a hard conversation and something more upbeat.”

As for the gossip, it can be irresistible. “These people are in our homes every day whether you’re watching them on TV as a host or an actor, going to their concerts, they become part of the fabric of your life.”

Going forward, the rise of streaming has opened up so many avenues to create content. Marc hopes to continue working on podcasts and would love to be a correspondent and producer for a streaming outlet, recognizing the power that comes working behind the scenes of entertainment and being the person controlling and curating our pop culture world.

Although he’s far from through with his career in entertainment, Marc is aware of how much he has already accomplished. “The things I’ve wanted for myself as a kid, I’ve gotten to live some of them,” he says, going further about how grateful and appreciative he is for the opportunities he has had thus far. There is plenty to be proud of, but he’s not done yet. “I want to keep reaching for the mountain top,” he says, “I think I’m on the way.”

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