Good Time to Switch to All-Cotton Underwear

Yes, we all love those cute Spandex-y VS panties and sexy lingerie, but research shows that those materials may not be the healthiest things for your cooch. While all-cotton underwear may be a major trend, there’s actually proof behind why female-identifying humans are making the swap.

Why Cotton Underwear?

Cotton has been used as the primary fiber for clothes for thousands of years. There is a high demand for it nationwide. It is well-loved for its breathability since it has the ability to absorb mild discharge and bacteria. Cotton does not hold on to heat or moisture and will help keep you dry. Wearing cotton underwear has been proven to reduce the occurrence of yeast infections, and UTI’s.

Cotton slows down the progression of bacteria growth and can help prevent yeast infections. While the majority of young women may seek synthetic panties, choosing 100% organic cotton underwear is the best choice for you and your vagina now and indefinitely. 

What Does Synthetic Underwear Mean?

Is your primary underwear choice one with frills, sequins, ruffles, etc? Yes, it might be sexy and fun, but materials like these are not optimal for vaginal health. Underwear if often made with synthetic fabrics. Examples of these fabrics are polyester, nylon, polypropylene, rayon, spandex, and others Despite its ability to stretch and move with you throughout the day, these materials can lead to chafing, redness, and other issues.


The synthetic materials mentioned are gasoline byproducts and thus not breathable at all.

“Polyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. It is formed from a chemical reaction between acid and alcohol when two or more molecules combine to create a large, strong, and stable molecule.” –QualityNylonRope


Nylon is inexpensive and easy to produce. This makes it a widely known and used a popular alternative to cotton. fabric like cotton because it is petroleum based and undergoes a chemical treatment that causes the emission of formaldehyde among other chemicals during its production. After processing, nylon often still retains chemical residues that can be harmful to us. 

On its own, nylon has a low capacity to wick away moisture so it doesn’t serve as an effective primary material for undergarments.


Rayon is typically obtained from wood pulp, then dried into crumbs and aged in metal containers. The production of this material is dangerous and wearing it can also be unhealthy. Rayon fabric can emit toxic chemicals that may have debilitating side effects.

Why men and women should switch to cotton undies– a study

The Best Brands of Cotton Underwear

Everlane: Made from supima cotton, you can mix and match three pairs of underwear for 27$! This brand ranges in styles from XXs to XL. Reviews describe it as so comfortable that they forget they are wearing them! Comfortable, seamless, breathable, and affordable.

Oddobody: This brand is queen of the sexy, soft, 100% organic prima cotton underwear. Their prima cotton is custom-produced in Lima, Peru by a women-owned company. Fans say their thongs are wedgie-proof! You can subscribe for a discount, choose from various styles and colors, or even try a starter pack. They have videos of women of all sizes modeling the various styles of underwear they sell in their “fit guide.” 

Amazon Essentials Cotton Stretch Bikini Panties: These are inexpensive at about 2$ per pair, simple, and sleek. They are almost 100% cotton. Reviews claim they are breathable, durable, and simply perfect.

With so many brands to choose from, it’s important to do your research on the factors that matter to you. Comfort, sustainability, price of course, and supporting an ethical brand are all things that are important to me. After doing my research on cotton undies, I know is that I definitely need to stock up!

Now that we talked about vaginal health, read more here to learn about hair health.

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Susie Pinon has her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Rutgers University. Post-grad, she took a leap of faith and decided to pursue her dream of a career in journalism. She is instinctually creative and believes in following her heart in every area of life. She is passionate about veganism, the expression of feelings, and mental health.
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