Celebrity Style Breakdown: Pop Sensation Chung Ha

It is very possible that you are hearing about K-pop a lot lately. The South Korean music genre has become quite popular and with it the artists that perform it. Some famous K-pop stars include BLACKPINK, BTS, EXO, and the subject of this article, Kim Chung-ha. Also known as Chungha or Chung Ha, she is a former member of the Produce 101 group I.O.I. Then, made her solo debut in 2017, after the disbanding of the group. In addition to her music and dancing, Chung Ha has also brought to the public some great outfits. We’re going to be taking 3 of these looks, breaking them down, and as always highlighting their everyday application.


In our first outfit, ChungHa is wearing a fitted black blazer, a white scarf, a variety of silver earrings, and a black wide-brim hat. Pay attention to the elegance found in the simplicity of this outfit. It’s been said before, but will always bear repeating, and simplicity can be your friend when it comes to styling. Don’t be scared to get a little monochromatic as long as it is on purpose, and not the result of you being frightened to try something new.


This look is a little more extravagant. Keeping with the same color scheme, she is wearing a black pencil skirt and a white top extended with shoulder pads. This is a perfect opportunity to highlight a personal fashion favorite of mine, silhouette alteration. A surefire way to take any outfit to the next level is to play around with its shape. Instead of simply wearing a fitted top to go with her skirt, which would have been fine, Chungha opted for more with her top and successfully elevated the look.


In the photo, she is dressed in a white turtleneck, and a leopard print blazer with mint green accents. Are you sensing a theme yet? This final outfit keeps with the same color scheme in order to demonstrate how a variety of looks can be created without the need for going overboard in either color or accessory. This is not to say that extravagance is always frowned upon, but as the adage goes “less is sometimes more” . Additionally, as a quick tip, turtlenecks are an easy way to raise the sophistication of an outfit, when used properly it can take a look from cheap to chic.

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Elijah Oshinnaiye is a freshman at NYU studying for a BFA drama. Elijah is also an activist, an actor, and a fashion journalist.
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