Barbados Beach: A Perfect Scuba Diving Date Destination

Black Bar Soldier Fish on the Corn Wallace wreck. Photo by Andrew Western

Whether you are a veteran diver or just taking your first steps in the exciting world of SCUBA, it is easy to see why Barbados is talked about as one of the best places to dive in the world.

With calm, warm waters, clear blue skies, and gorgeous sandy beaches, Barbados is a stunning vacation destination. But when you add in the remarkable coral reefs and huge variety of marine life that sit just below the gentle azure waves that surround the island, it becomes something truly unique.

Diving in Barbados is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and offers something genuinely different to most other SCUBA destinations. From unexplored underwater caves and crevasses to eerie, majestic shipwrecks, bioluminescence and vast sea turtle communities, it’s easy to understand why divers from all over the world flock to Barbados to indulge their passion.

So if you are planning a couple’s Caribbean island vacation and want the perfect scuba diving date, or you are cruising the Caribbean and want to explore the hidden world beneath the waves, here are some of the best dives you can do on (or rather off) Barbados!

Folkestone Marine Park

Swim with Hawksbill Sea Turtles and get an invaluable understanding of the work of the conservationists and marine biologists of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project at Folkestone Marine Park. There is nothing to compare to joining these captivating creatures as they soar through their natural habitat, and the chance to learn more about the conservation projects should not be missed.

Arawak Cement Factory Pier

At a gentle 35 feet, diving off the Arawak Cement Factory Pier is a tranquil and enjoyable experience, perfect for beginners. What makes this location really stand out is the chance to do a night dive and see the remarkable natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, as the entire sea puts on a light show just for you. 

SS Stavronikita Wreck

For more experienced divers, heading down to depths of 140 feet and discovering the remarkable wreck of the SS Stavronikita is an awesome experience. Sunk in 1978, it begins to appear out of the gloom of the deep sea at about 20 feet down, but the real adventure begins at 80 feet when you hit the main deck. Covered in vibrant coral growth, it is an amazing place to explore both inside and out, and one of the most exciting wreck dives that Barbados has to offer.

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