Palazzo Rosa Triple Face Protection 24



Innovative and very rich Face Cream designed to protect the epidermis from all the aggressions of daily life, especially in the city. The filtering substances, the result of modern technologies, guarantee a 360-degree defense, and together with the plant
extracts they keep the skin hydrated, elastic and luminous. In particular, this cream protects the skin from the violent action of the sun, from pollution, from atmospheric agents and from the very harmful action on the dermis of artificial light and from the HEV rays of computer screens.

Directions for use: apply to the face and neck with a light massage from the bottom upwards, several times during the day.
It is a product based on: Solar Filter: The filters used at Palazzo Rosa, highly photostable and performing, guarantee adequate protection against UVB and UVA radiation. The product is easily absorbed, smoothes and protects the skin. Day after day it guarantees a luminous complexion while preserving and reinforcing the vitality and youth of the skin.

Anti-Pollution Filter: protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by daily pollution and exposure to UV rays offering a multi-level action for protection from aging processes: anti-pollution protection, superior soothing effect on sensitized cells, improvement of the synthesis of the collagen and stimulation of energy metabolism.

Anti – Blue Ray filter: very important preparation, protection and repair of the skin from damage caused by sunlight and artificial blue light (HEV rays), i.e. the light of computer screens, mobile phones, tablets, navigators ect by activating the opsins on the skin and promoting adaptive responses.

Aloe: for its well-known immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, purifying, nourishing, remineralizing and antioxidant, cicatrizing and epithelizing properties.

Green Tea: slows down the aging process, improves the elasticity of the skin, preserves the moisture and freshness of the skin, giving it the right degree of hydration, strengthens the protective layer of the skin. protects and alleviates the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, reduces inflammation of the skin and is an excellent decongestant. Helichrysum: has astringent and soothing properties, relieves redness and chapping of the skin. Contains organic Damask Rose Water.

We recommend using it within 6 months of opening the bottle.


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