Palazzo Rosa Self Tanning BIO



The first organic self-tanning stain spray in Italy. The formulation of SunSun Rapid self tanning Bio is the result of the most
advanced research on self-tanning, the first biologically transparent formula with gradual effect in Italy. We refer to rapid DHA combined with stabilizers of natural origin that guarantee the desired golden tan, without dyes. The tan has all the shades of gold and leaves no orange halo (or other unpleasant color) on the skin.
Illuminating soothing moisturizer, paraben-free, alcohol-free.
Directions for use:
This self-tanning spray is colorless and transparent like water. You can
spray the BIO self-tanner about 30 cm from the face, even if you wear

white clothes, without fear of staining the clothes. Two hours after
application, the natural reaction that binds the proteins of the skin to
DHA is triggered, generating a true tan (not coloring!) that will last on
average three days. The tan will naturally fade with cleansers and will
not leave a trace until the next application. This self-tanner is suitable for
all skin types. It does not occlude pores. Excellent for covering skin
It is a product based on:
Water, DHA, Aloe, Calendula and Mallow. BIO – Organic spray
formula unique in Italy
SunSun Bio is produced according to the rules of organic cosmetics.
Spray 125 Ml/4.23 fl.oz.


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