Palazzo Rosa Probiotika



Precious Anti-Age Face Cream based on the presence of an innovative probiotic that
stimulates cell renewal and makes the epidermis fresher, brighter and more compact. Combats the signs of aging and skin imperfections. Visible and long-lasting results after 28 days of daily application. For definitive results, daily treatment for 90 days is
Directions for use: apply to the face and neck with a light massage from
the bottom upwards, at least once a day.
It is a product based on:

Anti-Age Probiotic Complex
The latest discovery of genomic technologies and molecular biology of
DNA that stimulates a complete renewal of the skin with rejuvenating
action on new cells in formation. Probiotics also act as a protective shield
by preventing harmful microorganisms from provoking an immune
reaction, they produce natural antibiotics that fight harmful bacteria
and, finally, increase the functionality of the skin in dealing with external
factors such as free radicals, sun and pollution. The probiotic is therefore
vectorized up to the fifth layer of the epidermis, going to act on the cells
being formed directly in the genome. A new DNA cosmetic.
Contains organic Damask Rose Water.
We recommend using it within 6 months of opening the bottle.


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