Palazzo Rosa Instant Self Tanning



The SunSun Instant self tanning classic is a real beauty remedy in travel format, perfect for any occasion you want to amaze with a tanned look. Today it is possible to appear in a few seconds as after a vacation at the beach or in the mountains with this instant self-tanning no gas for men and women. The formulation of Sun Sun instant spray is rich in tanning and self-tanning cosmetic agents, with safe pigments (the same used also in the food sector).

The self-tanning effect is instantaneous and reaches its best
performance after 6 hours. Women and men can decide to appear tanned even a few minutes before an event where they want to appear with the right, healthy and sporty color. An application of Sun Sun instant spray is as effective as a cycle of 4 or 5 latest generation solar lamps but at a cheaper price and without health risks for the skin. It is perfect for hiding vitiligo. Much loved by men, because the effect is that of a normal tan.

How to use:
It is recommended to first purify the skin with a Palazzo Rosa Gommage
and then spray the Sun Sun Instant self tanning product uniformly at
about 30 cm from the area of ​​the body you want to tan, taking care not
to generate accumulations of liquid (can be eliminated with a disk of
cotton). Do not spread. To speed up the treatment air dry is suggested. It
is recommended to wear light clothing only after the first cleansing. It is
recommended to spray the product not near non-washable surfaces.
It is a DHA-based product and does not contain harmful gases. It is not
a BIO product.
Spray 125 ml/4.23 fl.oz


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