Palazzo Rosa Eye Contour



Innovative treatment for a global intervention especially indicated for bags, dark
circles, wrinkles, eyelid relaxation in the delicate eye area. Immediately gives a
feeling of freshness and relief in the region around the eyes, eliminating the feeling
of fatigue and tiredness.

Restores elasticity and firmness to the skin, giving a healthy and plumped look. Powerful soothing and anti-redness, it ensures the right hydration for the skin.
Directions for use: apply to the affected area by massaging gently until
completely absorbed.
It is a product based on:
Hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid gives the skin its particular properties
of resistance and shape retention. By stimulating the formation of
collagen and connective tissue, hyaluronic acid protects the body from
viruses and bacteria, increases the plasticity of the tissues and ensures
optimal skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid ensures that the skin maintains
its elasticity and firmness characteristics. The application effect is
practically immediate, the skin immediately appears more hydrated,
healthy and plumped.
Chamomile: due to its exceptional dermatological properties, chamomile
has always been used as a soothing to be applied as a compress on red
skin and tired eyes. Chamomile flavonoids do not just act at the level of
the skin surface but penetrate deeply working in synergy with
camazulene: this combined activity stimulates the microcirculation of the
skin and the activity of fibroblasts, naturally promoting the synthesis of
hyaluronic acid, of the collagen and elastic fibers present in the
connective tissue.
Tetrapeptide-5: has extraordinary anti-edema properties of proven
efficacy in reducing swollen bags under the eyes in just 15 days of
application promoting a moisturizing action that helps to reduce swelling
of the eye area, improve skin elasticity and general smoothness.

Contains Organic Damask Rose Water
We recommend using it within 6 months after opening the jar.


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