Palazzo Rosa Collagen Serum



Collagen based concentrated serum, for an intensive nourishing and trophic face
Directions for use: apply to the face and neck with a light massage from the bottom upwards.

It is a product based on:
The most important protein of the connective tissue. Widely used for its anti-aging properties. Promotes the regeneration and replacement of the skin, allowing to fill small wrinkles and soften the expression lines. Furthermore, it provides greater elasticity and softness to our epidermis. It reduces the inflammatory processes of the skin, such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. It prevents the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, helps to improve the healing process. Our serum contains a mix of
amino acids and proteins useful for cementing cellular structures that act on the physiological mechanisms that stimulate collagen production in order to lift the tissues, restore tone and ovalize the face. The Palazzo Rosa laboratory uses advanced biotechnology that increases the penetrability of our collagen to enhance its absorption by the skin. Then the structure of the serum is reduced into microscopic parts that
vectorize the active substance right into the heart of the cells. Our serum ensures a regeneration of the collagen reserve in all skin layers, with visible effects after 24 hours (the tissues appear firmer, fresh, plumped, and therefore relaxed, with an effect also on wrinkles) but also lasting over time : fine lines and expression lines are smoothed out, the skin is smooth, the eye area brighter. The effect of the application is practically immediate: after a few minutes there is a reduction in expression lines,
wrinkles, swelling and dark circles: a real repair treatment.

Due to the soothing and relaxing effect, we recommend daily collagen applications
if you use make up: the skin, stressed by make-up, may need a booster effect to regenerate itself, maintain its elasticity and firmness and natural brightness. Our collagen with rolls with blusher! With this type of treatment the fresh look is guaranteed.
Contains organic Damask Rose Water.
We recommend using it within 12 months of opening the bottle.


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