Palazzo Rosa Cleanser



Rinse off Cleaning Milk, suitable for deep cleansing and make-up
removal . The association of the extracts gives the product emollient,
soothing and anti-redness properties. After the make-up removal operation, it lets the skin breathe free of all traces, promoting complete cellular oxygenation. And
in the morning it removes small impurities from the face, such as excess
sebum, produced during the night.
Directions for use: apply to the face and neck with a cotton ball and rinse
with tonic or warm water.
It is a product based on:
Goji Berries: precious ally for skin care, with an extraordinary anti-aging
effect, thanks to the vitamins and antioxidant substances contained. The
high content of vitamins, fatty acids and mineral salts makes Goji Berries
an essential nourishment to keep the skin young, radiant and colorful,
delaying premature aging and promoting a toning and regenerating
NMF: (Natural Moisturizing Factor) a mixture of water-soluble and
hygroscopic substances capable of binding to water and of retaining
environmental humidity in contact with the skin in the stratum corneum
and in the surface hydrolipidic film.
Helichrysum: has astringent and soothing properties, it relieves redness
and chapping of the skin.
Mallow: rich in elements with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and
soothing action, such as mineral salts, calcium oxalate, potassium and
vitamins of various groups, including A, B and C.
Contains Organic Damask Rose Water.
We recommend using it within 6 months after opening the bottle.

100 ml/3,38 fl.oz. bottle with dispenser


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