Palazzo Rosa Body Scrub



Smoothing body emulsion containing micronized bamboo marrow. It removes the superficial impurities of
the epidermis in a natural way without causing irritation or damage, making the skin soft and smooth.
Removes dead skin cells and superficial imperfections of the epidermis, without damaging the skin. It therefore
promotes tissue oxygenation, skin renewal and prevents ingrown hair. It brings more brightness to the skin and allows
a better penetration of the cosmetic substances applied subsequently.
We recommend using it at least once a week. Allow at least 48 hours to
pass between one application and the next. It is a product designed for
the skin of the body and not the face: for the face and décolleté, use
Palazzo Rosa Gommage instead.
Directions for use: apply to the area to be treated by massaging for a few
minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Active ingredients:

Jojoba oil: Rich in B vitamins, vitamin E and fatty acids, Jojoba oil
counteracts aging by reducing and preventing the formation of wrinkles.
It also has a slight anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, it is suitable for
all skin types. One of its main functions is to maintain hydration of the
epidermis and protect it from drying out and from external factors such
as chemicals present in the air, sun and wind.
NMF: (Natural Moisturizing Factor) a mixture of water-soluble and
hygroscopic substances capable of binding to water and capable of fixing
and retaining environmental humidity in contact with the skin in the
stratum corneum and in the surface hydrolipidic film.
Bamboo: micronized in small spheres for its refreshing and astringent,
emollient and soothing, cleansing, purifying and anti-inflammatory
Contains organic Damask Rose Water
We recommend using it within 12 months of opening the jar.
200 ml/6,76 fl.oz. jar


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