Palazzo Rosa Anti Age Face Serum



Concentrated face serum with antioxidant and anti-aging action. Particularly suitable for stressed, dull and needy skin for an
intensive nourishing and moisturizing treatment.
It stimulates the formation of collagen and connective tissue, protects the body from viruses and bacteria, eliminates skin inflammations and exerts a softening effect, prolongs cell life, energizing, restores the lipid barrier.

Directions for use:

apply morning and evening on face and décolleté
with a light massage. It is a product based on:
Hyaluronic Acid: gives the skin properties of resistance and shape
retention, stimulates the formation of collagen and connective tissue,
protects the body from viruses and bacteria, increases the plasticity of the
tissues and ensures optimal skin hydration, guarantees the skin's
characteristics of elasticity and firmness.


has soothing and anti-redness properties, eliminates skin
inflammation and has a softening effect useful especially on particularly
delicate, irritated, damaged skin, exposed to the sun and atmospheric


known for its antioxidant and protective, anti-inflammatory,
anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, healing properties, it protects the skin from
cellular stress. Resveratrol also prolongs cell life by activating a
longevity protein found in the skin. This protein prolongs cell life by
compacting DNA and preserving the genome of each cell.
Coenzyme Q10: powerful antioxidant, counteracts the formation of free
radicals, enhances the effect of vitamin E and delays oxidation. Anti-
aging active, energizing, it restores the lipid barrier promoting the good
functioning of cell membranes.

Vitamin A and E : the latest discovery of nanotechnologies,
these represent a vitamin phospholipidic mix produced
through biotechnology with ingredients of plant origin (the liposomes)
and bio-synthesis (the vitamins). It has antioxidant, anti-aging and
emollient properties. In the liposomes of vitamins A and E, working in
synergy with each other and enhancing each other's characteristics,
perform an action to contrast skin aging by promoting cell renewal and
fighting free radicals. In addition to the anti-aging, antioxidant and
repairing functionality, liposomes have an emollient, nourishing and
protective action on the skin.

Chamomile: due to its exceptional dermatological properties, chamomile
has always been used as a sedative to be applied as a compress on red
skin. Chamomile flavonoids do not just act at the level of the skin surface
but penetrate deeply working in synergy with camazulene: this combined
activity stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and the activity of
fibroblasts, naturally promoting the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, of the
collagen and elastic fibers present in the connective tissue.
Contains Organic Damask Rose Water
We recommend using it within 6 months after opening the bottle.

15 ml/0,50 fl.oz bottle


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