Coffa Maiden Orange


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Sicilian Coffa Maiden Orange

From the land of the Sicani, among secular vines and grains with ancient names, to rediscover their enchanting treasures, Danié Made in Sicily presents a collection of jewel bags made with the love and passion of those who are deeply in love with their land, like this one Sicilian coffa Orange Maiden . The 5 senses are all involved. Exclusive creations, handmade with meticulous workmanship and details to make you lose your mind.

Creations as unique as the materials used. Never equal to themselves as the nature from which they come. The Sicilian dwarf palm and precious materials. Children of a heart that is as warm, lively and passionate as that land that is Sicily. Creations that are the symbol of a deep love for roots and traditions. From these everything flows and then flows into inspiration.

The legend tells of a love. Even before a meeting. The one between the eyes of a young dark-haired man and a beautiful girl. He walked, she, on the balcony, took care of her flowers. The young man fell madly in love and decided to declare himself to her. The young woman, impressed, returned the feeling.

The young Moor, however, was already a husband and father and his family was waiting for him in the East. The girl, however, could not accept the idea of ​​letting her love go away. She waited for the night. He killed the Moor and cut off his head. He made a “grasta”, a vase for flowers or aromatic plants. From that day he took care of it and his tears nourished the plant until it grew so lush and beautiful that the other inhabitants of the neighborhood wanted to own a similar one. And so it was that the dark brown terracotta vase was born.

* DIMENSIONS: L 48 x H 35

* Being a handmade product, the measures may vary.


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