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Among the most delicious fruits of all with that sweetness that intoxicates, the creamy and enjoyable consistency, the inviting scent, the very special aesthetics. Figs, a summer delight, are a precious fruit, because their seasonality is rather short, but their goodness is endless.

A capsule collection , to which Coffa Ficodindia Fucsia belongs , is dedicated to the Prickly Pear, symbol of a Sicily with wild nature and ancient tradition , combined in this version with a beach towel. The Danié Made in Sicily brand uses this delicious fruit making it the protagonist of the favorite friend of all women: the bag, which is adorned with a Sicilianity rich in symbols and culture.

In our country there is a legend according to which the Turks, to destroy the Sicilians, brought the prickly pear to Sicily as the thorns that cover the plant are poisonous. However, it was baptized “plant of health” because a beneficial liquid is extracted from Cladodium, or the shovel. This plant, an imposing symbol of the island, which sprouts luxuriantly in every part of it, symbolizes life made of extreme sweetness but also of infinite difficulties.

Daniela Napolitano states: “Faced with the majesty of a prickly pear, one cannot but be struck to the point of becoming the imposing symbol of my artistic expression.”

* DIMENSIONS: L 48 x H 35

* Being a handmade product, the measures may vary.


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