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5 Fall Makeup Products to Ring in the Season

fall make up

As the weather changes, so will your beauty routine. But what if you wanted new fall makeup products to match the season? Below is a list of the latest finds to fit your Pumpkin Spice Latte aesthetic.

1. Makeup Revolution x Disney

(Courtesy of Makeup Revolution – fall makeup products )

Just in time for spooky season! The two companies collaborated on the latest collection based on the Disney movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. This collection features glosses, highlighters, and more. But the standout is the dual eyeshadow palette, selling for $22. While one side is perfect for everyday looks, the second is best for adventurous beats.

2. Milani Cosmetics

(Courtesy of Milani Cosmetics)

With the crisp air, moisture is one of the most important concerns. Milani Cosmetics is here to protect and nourish your lips with their Fruit Fetish Lip Balm. The pumpkin spice-flavored lip balm is sure to satisfy your fall needs. Additionally, the long-lasting balm is noted for its lightweight texture and “subtle hint of bronze shimmer”. The limited lip balm retails for $7.99.

3. Colourpop x Disney

In case you need more Disney-inspired beauty products, Colourpop has you covered. Dedicated to the Halloween classic “Hocus Pocus”, the limited edition collection did not hold back. The entire set retails for $130— including an eyeshadow palette, lipstick kits, and more. Most importantly, the main characters Winifred, Sarah, and Mary have their own shine. Each witch has their own gel liner and falsies, curated for each of the Sanderson sisters.

4. Holo Taco

(Courtesy of Holo Taco)

YouTuber Simply Nailogical aka Cristine Rotenberg is back with new editions to her nail polish line. The Multichrome Collection brings five polishes for $14 each. The cruelty-free products shift from rich purples to eye-popping teals. For those interested in the limited edition Multichrome Collection box set, it’s available for $70.

5. Shroud Cosmetics x BeautBean

(Courtesy of Shroud Cosmetics)

For those searching for unique colors, this collaboration might be for you. Shroud Cosmetics curated the new palette with YouTuber BeautBean. From electric greens to popping purples, you’re sure to create colorful eyeshadow combinations. The It’s Freakin’ Bats Palette retails for $35.

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