‘Pink: All I Know So Far’ Review

Over her 20+ year long career, Pink has maintained an image of authenticity and humbleness. Her newest documentary P!NK: All I Know So Far is an intimate look into the singer’s life and perfectly exemplifies the qualities that have solidified her longevity in the industry. For fans, this documentary might not give much information you don’t already know, but it’s wholesome nonetheless.

Through tour footage, exclusive clips and behind the scenes footage, All I Know So Far examines the many roles Pink plays, from performer to boss to mother and wife. The intersection of professional and family life is the main focus of the film. It’s interesting to watch a music documentary that’s more focused on the singer’s family than anything else. Though it’s not necessarily breaking news that Pink is a dedicated mother and performer, the behind the scenes footage succeeds in creating a sense of closeness.

The film revolves around Pink’s 2019 Beautiful Trauma Tour, specifically two performances at Wembley Stadium. Tour footage shows her, her husband Carey Hart, and their two children Willow and Jameson traveling around Europe. The clips of Pink on stage are juxtaposed with footage of her guiding her family city to city. One clip in particular shows her stepping off stage and immediately embracing her children, flipping the switch from pop star to mother instantly.

She also talks at length about the environment she wants her children to grow up in. Through interviews and footage we see her embracing them for who they are, quirks and all, and being hands-on and nurturing despite being in the middle of a world tour. At times it’s exhausting, and we get glimpses of that throughout, but the overwhelming message is one of love and support.

Though it takes a backseat in favor of the family content, the concert footage is still a prominent part of the film. Pink is an impressive performer, able to dance and spin around in the air while still hitting every note. Even if you’re unfamiliar with her music these scenes are an enjoyable watch. The most heartwarming parts are the shots of fans in the crowd. They’re singing their hearts out, sometimes crying, always with big smiles on their faces. It captures the exhilaration that only comes with live music.

As we come out the other side of a global pandemic, this footage is a preview of what’s to come. Although it’s been ages, we’ll pack into stadiums once again. And of course, Pink will have no problem doing what she does best – second to being a mother of course.

Check out All I Know So Far for yourself here.

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