The One Where ‘Friends’ Comes to Your Apartment

While New York is slowly returning to some normalcy, you can still see the city right from your home. For all the Friends fans out there, seeing some iconic locations from the show is as easy as turning on your computer. From On Location Tours comes the Friends Virtual Tour, taking viewers around the city to get a look at sites from the beloved series. Complete with karaoke, trivia, fun facts, and more, fans of the show will love this look at the places the characters frequented.

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What to Expect

Although Friends was filmed on a soundstage, New York City serves as a prominent backdrop. Numerous places around the city are used as establishing shots, helping to make this fictional world into something authentic. Not only do these locations stick out to fans of the show, they are staples in their own right. From the American Museum of Natural History, to the Plaza Hotel, to the NYU campus, these are not only places our favorite friends worked at or went to, but places that anyone visiting the city would love to see.

There are 18 locations packed into this 40 minute tour, ranging from places only true fans would know, like Chandler’s office building, to New York City signature locations like Washington Square Park. Viewers do of course get a look at the iconic apartment building all six friends lived in at some point during the show’s run.

The fun facts and trivia dispersed throughout the trip around the city really make the tour. Fans are able to test their knowledge about memorable plot points as well as trivia about the actors themselves. You also get a look into why certain locations were chosen and other fun information about them. It’s a look at the city through the lens of one of the most famous properties to ever portray it on screen.

While the tour itself is tons of fun, that’s not all you get when you secure your ticket. Each ticket comes with access to a Friends trivia night where you can go up against other super-fans. Additionally, there is an optional tour package you can get sent right to your house, complete with a Central Perk mug and other surprise items to make your tour experience complete.

Check out the tour for yourself here!

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