Who is Gatsby Randolph ?

In 2013 Gatsby Randolph burst on the scene in Hollywood, arriving on a one-way ticket and never looking back. He arrived in the city of lights to sign a million- dollar record deal for a rapper he had been working with. When that deal fell through, Gatsby was left with no plan and no resources.


He set out to take the next 30 days to conquer the city that had just turned its back on him. What he was able to achieve in those 30 days is a shock only to those who have never met Gatsby Randolph. His ability to succeed at the seemingly impossible is part of what makes him such an enigma. He is equal parts marketing genius, taste-maker, actor, filmmaker, and philanthropist. His authenticity resonates with everyone who meets him, but most can’t tell you exactly what it is he does.

He calls himself a “Social Architect”. When Hollywood slammed the door on him, he proceeded to force it open with a charismatic smile and an ability to draw people to him like a moth to flame. With cameras in tow, Gatsby was not only able to attend, but in fact dominated the room at every exclusive red carpet and private event in Hollywood. He then went on to throw the single most exclusive event the city has ever seen.

In his first documentary “Who Is Gatsby Randolph?”, this first time filmmaker and star creates a hilariously funny and inspirational wild ride though the red carpets and hills of Hollywood. “Who is Gatsby Randolph” features appearances by Jay Z, Beyonce, Diddy, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West etc.

“Who is Gatsby Randolph?” is slated for a February 2021 release through BLK PRIME Distribution and is currently in Oscar consideration.

Interviewed and edited by Nicolas Villasana

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