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“Insecure” is full of laughs and secondhand embarrassment, but now tears are sure to follow. The HBO-hit dramedy is ending this year, after its slated fifth season. According to Deadline, production begins this month.

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Issa Rae stars as the awkward Issa Dee, who tries navigating adulthood and relationships—romantic and platonic. Most of the series highlights her struggle with individual growth while trying to maintain these relationships. One of the most popular is her friendship with Molly, played by actress Yvonne Orji. Their tricky friendship created a divide on social media, be it Team Issa or Team Molly.

Besides the cast, Los Angeles serves as a secondary character. At times, it feels like a love interest because many episodes are dedicated to the historic city. In season four, Issa Rae included LA-based vendors in an entire episode. Not only did it showcase LA authentically, but it gave these businesses added exposure.

Insecure': Issa Rae on How the Big Block Party Blow-Up Sets Up the Rest of Season  4 (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight
(Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight)

So what can viewers expect from the Emmy-nominated series? “Insecure” has to conclude the love saga of Issa and Lawrence. Fans know that their story isn’t quite complete yet. Anticipate a new, mature friendship by Issa and Molly. Plus, Issa might finally find her dream job in event planning.

Say farewell in classic Issa-style, through rap of course. “Insecure” is available on HBO to stream before the finale.

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