Savage x Fenty Fashion Show Vol. 2 Review

Rihanna broke the internet once again with her latest project: the Savage x Fenty Fashion Show Vol. 2. The show was slated to premiere on Friday, October 2nd but was already a trending topic before viewers even caught a glimpse of the fashion show. As you witness production, you’ll see key factors as to why Vol. 2 is so special, and why Rihanna is a beauty mogul and legend in the making.

The Storytelling

Fenty knows how to craft a story. The fashion show even opened with her monologue on storytelling. Rihanna’s choice in narration makes for a unique take for the runway. But it also helped tell the story of Savage x Fenty, and how her brand is a reflection of herself. She even had interviews with fellow models like Ciarda Hall and Precious Lee. These moments helped transition into the next scenes. Some focal points included sexuality and community.

The Set Design

The stages for each scene seemed to outshine one another as the show progressed. A standout design was the mystical garden. It was the most colorful design yet. The lavish scene was filled with greenery and floral arrangements. But the highlight was Rihanna sprouting out of an oversized flower in a deep purple nightie, matching thigh-high boots, and a dramatic floral boa. Her outfit was opposite of the dancers, who wore softer colors like lavender and champagne.

(Courtesy of Twitter)

The Models

Everyone knows that Normani stole the show in last year’s installment and this year was no different. As the scene was mostly black with models sporting all-black lingerie, Normani strutted in an all-white ensemble. Her outfit resembled a bride—a stark white balconette bra with a matching skirt and garter belt, completed with a veil. In true Savage x Fenty fashion, all of the models represented different ages, races, genders, and sizes. According to the website, it made for the “most inclusive entourage of dancers and models yet.”

(Courtesy of Twitter)

The Menswear

Consumers were already excited once Christian Combs debuted the new menswear line. In the show, he wore three Savage boxers with Timberlands in true New York style. Other models like Big Sean rocked the new boxer briefs and trunks. New items also include sleepwear and robes. But the new collection is already selling out online.

The Performances

The performances made for fun transitions into the next segments of the fashion show. Some performers included Bad Bunny, Ella Mai, and Miguel—with the latter bringing a live band. But one of the best acts was RosalĂ­a. She was the first artist to perform and also one of the few to even sport the lingerie line. RosalĂ­a sang “RelaciĂłn” and “TKN” while donning the Savage X Smoking Jacket, which is already sold out. I also liked how she was the only one who danced with the other Savage dancers/models.

RosalĂ­a Savage Fenty Show preview - Entertainment News - Gaga Daily
(Courtesy of Gaga Daily)
(Courtesy of Twitter)

The Choreography

Last but not least, the dancing was just as captivating as the new collections. Between large dance numbers in “the workshop” to intimate moments like Lizzo’s mirror solo. Although it’s beautiful to watch, dancing is also a great marketing tool. If these performers can energetically move in bras and fishnet bodystockings, customers can too. The choreography displayed how supportive and sturdy each of the pieces was, while still remaining delicate.

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