Barcelona-based ready-to-wear label, Custo Barcelona, is pleased to
unveil the latest collection for the Fall / Winter 2020 season.
Looking to the future for inspiration, Creative Director Custo Dalmau has put forth a collection that takes an imaginative journey through time and space, conveying a message of universality and optimism — a vision of peace for all.

The collection debuted on Saturday, February 8th at the striking Angel Orensanz Foundation on the Lower East Side of New York, where the historic building provided the perfect contrasting backdrop for the collection’s futuristic, vibrant color palette that has become signature to the Custo brand. The Fall / Winter 2020 collection is designed around a 24/7 life. Through the use of technological fabrics, it provides both comfort and functionality with pieces inspired by sportwear, which introduce the language of Custo Barcelona to a new generation.

Special attention has been paid to outdoor garments: from anoraks to quilted pieces, these styles offer an oversized fit and their sporty appeal can be seen in details such as pockets, jumbo zip closures, automatically closing buckles and reflective fabric inserts. Emphatically voluminous coats and jackets are intertwined with the body skimming silhouettes of skirts and dresses, which feature asymmetric hems and sensual transparent elements. The technological fabrics take on different meanings within the collection and allow sports-inspired pieces to exist alongside cocktail dresses and evening wear. Iridescent, metallic fabrics bring life to a part of the collection that plays with lamination and sequins to create a wet effect, paying homage to the feverish disco look of the 1980’s.

Beautiful core fabrics blend with technological materials to create new sparkling and metallic fabrics, which stand out in the collection together with lurex, jacquard, sustainable technical leather, viscose cady, satin and georgette. Design details are celebrated in the use of intricate stitching throughout the collection, which is distinguished by the precious Zegna Baruffa cotton threads used. These threads tie together the incrustations and jacquards, as well as lamé details – which serve to add a touch of brightness to key styles throughout the range. Embossing, the founding trademark of the Custo Barcelona look, further expresses the collection’s futuristic inspiration.

Embossed details like the “Avatar mask” display prominently throughout the offering, seen in micro and macro patterns. Embossed accents like the Butterfly Wings stamp stylize the silhouettes of butterfly wings and create an all-over undulating motif. An embossed graphic of Tokyo, a city that whole-heartedly embraces the future, takes inspiration from comic book graphics
to complete the core aesthetic for the women’s and men’s collections this season. The color palette ranges from bright reds to Prussian and electric blues, paired alongside citrus greens and yellows, which are all amplified next to vivid metallics and iridescent tones.

The collection for men follows in the footsteps of the women’s range, utilizing technological materials, double fabrics and quilted pieces to tell the season’s narrative. While the outdoor garments have a baggy proportion, the trousers offer more of a comfort fit with stretch at the ankles. The activewear, exclusive to the collection for men, stands out through details such as rubber zippers and breathable elements incorporated into the styles. Additionally, a Camouflage print is introduced to the men’s offering, which uses intense details in its iconography – from the bold red color to an entrancing deco stamping.

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