Private Dating Events “Club Social” Arrives to New York

Social Concierge was founded in 2011 by London socialite Nana Wereko-Brobby, granddaughter of esteemed architect Sir Philip Powell and a dating columnist for Balance Magazine. Her aim is to bring together well-educated and driven professionals at private, highly curated dating parties.

London’s Club Social Concierge launched their private singles network in New York this year and  received more applications in Manhattan in one month than they did in a year in London. Shocking for New York City serial daters scene?!

Attracting the city’s most eligible 20/30 something singles, the Social Concierge team will be hosting monthly events in NYC for their members – getting singles to meet in chic, curated settings.

On April 5th, Social Concierge is introducing their signature party – Just Friends. Members attend with a friend of the opposite sex who they’re not interested in.

Apply to join the fun with code ‘CAPOTE’:

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