Maria’s Bags: New York Fashion Week

Happy Fashion Week! POP Style TV got a head start with the preview of the most delightful collection by Maria’s .
On a beautiful balcony at the Dream Downtown in NYC  Alida Boer, displayed her gorgeous leather and Mayan textiles. Attendees fawned at the original designs and each claimed a different design as their favorite.
Every strand wound into the textiles is a representation of the rich culture and history of Guatemala. The combination of the multicolored fabrics paired with leather make the bags the perfect accessory to pull any outfit together without thinking twice about what shoes to wear. The line embraces the classy, chic handbags every woman needs in her closet while bringing a trendy edge to a piece culturally immersed in liveliness and love.


Boer captivated me with the Aurea Mini Satchel with geometric prints and a floral strip down the middle. The clasp on the bag may keep your belonging safe, but it stole my heart with the simple turn of a bar. Paired with the dazzling tassels on the Leather Charm, this everyday handbag becomes both a statement and staple price for every woman’s wardrobe.

Boer hasn’t just created handbags, she took a textile given to her as a gift and turned it into a line of ingenious art that should never be left on a shelf. Maria’s bags bring life to their owner and envy to all those surrounding her (who wouldn’t want one of these timeless bags draped across their arms.


We’ve got much more coming up this week so beside to stay tuned for day-to-day coverage of the most anticipated time for fashion of the year and to get a head start on all the latest trends.

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