Basic Rights Collection Launch at Electric Lady Studios

Want to have that perfect dressed to kill  combination in jeans and T shirt?  Basic Rights is the way to go. This California born brand invited us to take a peak at their newest collection. At the famed Electric Lady Studios on notorious 8th street  Basic Rights presented pieces that take inspiration from music, movies and fashion. Perfect location as it has seen the likes of geniuses from all of these art mediums. Think of Basic Rights as Paul Newman, Muhammad Ali, Steve McQueen , iconic 50’s and 60’s cool.

The brand offers denims that have a durable almost raw feel ,while basic cottons are starched to the touch but softened after a wash to a long lasting garment. All of the fabrics are sourced in Japan. With pricing ranging from $50-500 you can find plenty.

What we loved about it is the unisex aspect of certain pieces. T-shirts and button downs can easily be worn by girls.  Look out guys this is  another brand we will be stealing from your closet!

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