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My First Chemical Peel With Dr. Halaas

I always heard scary stories about chemical peels. It was really hard to forget about the scene in the “Sex and the City”  where Samantha scares a child who runs into her right after her chemical peel treatment.

When I walked into Dr. Halaas’ office there was Erica Pegg, their practice manager. It was important for me that she knows that I tried so many treatments without any result. She assured me that chemical peel is what I need to try and that I will see a big difference in how my skin looks.

Hazel, the esthetician I felt very comfortable with took care of me. We went for a basic PCA peel.

What PCA chemical peel does:

It is a low-dose approach so it creates minimal discomfort, no downtime, and produces beautiful and immediate results.  Exfoliates dead skin, stimulates new skin cell production and tightens skin.

Chemical peels significantly increase the effectiveness of your skincare products by removing the top layer of dead skin cells, enabling better absorption of the key ingredients (vitamins, antioxidants, moisturizers) present in your skin care regimen.

Since it was my first treatment Hazel only put two layers of the liquid that should peel my skin. It burned but not unbearably. I was done within 10 min and since my skin was glowing I was able to go out with friends the same evening.

You don’t really start to peel until the third day. My worst was fifth day post treatment. Lots of dead skin peeling off my face and you are not allowed to pick on it. I had a very busy, interactive day and I had the urge to tell  everyone the reason why my skin looks weird.

I noticed a big difference in one week, tremendous in two weeks! I became a fan of chemical peels. They totally rejuvenate your skin. You look younger and post vacation like. Erica was right. There was a noticeable improvement. Thank you Dr. Halaas, your team is amazing!



My night out right after the treatment!


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