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Pop Style Tv went to a Dove Hair event where we learned  that 97% of women with flat hair feel more positively about themselves when they have the volume they crave. The brand discovered that to obtain their desired volume, 99% of women have a tendency to revert to “hair tricks,” such as flipping, teasing, and tying hair up;however, most women don’t realize that these common “hair tricks” can undermine how confident they appear to others.

Dove Hair has partnered with behavioral investigator and body language expert, Vanessa Van Edwards to help de-code what most women do not realize: 60% of communication is nonverbal, and touching your own hair is one of the main indicators of nervousness. According to Van Edwards,even if a woman is using a hair trick to get more volume to help her feel more confident, she may actually come across to others as weak, frazzled and out of control – exactly the opposite of what she’s trying to do.” Oh no! Who wants to appear that way?

Dove Oxygen Moisture, part of the Dove Advanced Hair Series, is specifically formulated for women with fine, flat hair to achieve 95% more body and fullness after just one wash when using the shampoo and conditioner as a system or other products in the range. Dove Oxygen Moisture contains Oxyfusion Technology, which delivers a balance of moisture and volume that is instantly and evenly dispersed throughout the hair.

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