Pinterest Inspired Marble Nails on the Runway

Perhaps you’ve seen the marble nail trick online, or even tried it yourself. It looks deceivingly simple. You take a bowl of water and scatter drops of polish around, then you place your nails in and out comes perfectly marbled marbled manicure… or does it?

We spoke with Danielle Candido from Morgan Taylor, backstage at Betsey Johnson to learn all the secrets to making this “easy” nail design work for you!  The first trick to mastering the marble effect is using bottled water rather than tap water. Candido explains, “It makes a huge difference because the minerals in tap water affect the way the polish will spread and hold.”


Then drop your polish into the water to form rings. “Keep dropping color into the center of the dish until you have between 6 -12 rings of color.” Use a sharp tool to pull a pattern in the water and then lay the nail into it.
Candido also emphasizes the importance of picking one pattern, “don’t try and do all sorts of different swirls [in one design].” For Betsey Johnson, Candido created a star pattern in bright pinks and blues. To get the look, she first pulls from the top into the center, then the bottom into the center, both sides into the center and diagonal. “When you pull in, dip the tip of your tool just slightly into the center, which will keep the center where you want it.”

Candido’s last piece of advice? “Practice, practice, practice…” and don’t shy away from color. For spring, be on the look out for unexpected shades. “Don’t expect to see the traditional spring color lines. The brights, the pastels, the bold pastels that have been happening the past several spring seasons have made their way [out],” Candido shares. “We’re gonna be seeing more rich reds, heavier blues or even colors you don’t expect to see for spring at all; mauves, grays. I think those trends will be really big for spring!”


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