Selfie On A Stick One Year Anniversary

Ms. Verdier spoke about their new store in Times Square on the corner of 46th Street and 8th Ave. You can also find these awesome selfie sticks on their website, Nordstrom or on QVC. On Saturday July 25, 2015, the selfie sticks sold out in a matter of few minutes on QVC. Now talk about the latest trendsetter!

Guests enjoyed tequila along with chips and salsa as they chatted and took millions of selfies. Ones that were posted on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #SelfieOnAStick or #StickPic received their picture printed on a postcard. Each guest was treated to their very own selfie stick.

I just learned how to use the selfie stick and just cannot seem to put it down. I’m officially addicted! If you don’t have one yet, go out and get it before it’s all gone! It’s fun and easy to use. Just plug and play! Now let me take a selfie.


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Melissa Kalloo is a television personality and Fashion Reporter/ journalist for over two years and has interviewed some of the top celebrities in the entertainment industry. She has covered many red carpets, New York Fashion Week, food events, movie premieres and many more. She’s had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Dr. Oz, Ice-T, Coco, William Shatner and the list goes on. Over the years, Melissa has competed in many pageants such as the Miss American Princess when she was 5 years old, the Miss New York USA, along with NY Perfect Miss pageant. She believes there should be a good balance in life; she didn’t want to be any other television host, she wanted more. She lives by the motto, “It’s important to believe in yourself, even when others might not see your dreams and following your heart because anything is possible. No one can tell you otherwise!”
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