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The New Vacation Movie; A Worthy Successor to the Original….

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New Line Cinema’s sequel to National Lampoons’ 80’s classic Vacation picks up where the original left off, only 30 years later. The Griswold’s twin curse of bad luck and Murphy’s law continues when the now grown up Rusty, (Ed Helms) decides to take his own family on a cross country trip to Walley World.  Christina Applegate stars as Rusty’s wife, Debbie and continues her string of awesome comedic lead roles. Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins star as the young Griswold brothers and do a great job conveying that weird, power reversal, big brother/little brother dynamic familiar to many of us parents with multiple male siblings.


Don’t let the cute family facade fool you, this is definitely an R rated movie and surely not for younger children.  Many of the jokes are sexual in nature and the movie certainly has its share of adult language, much of it from the lips of Steele Stebbins (Kevin Griswold). Keep an eye out on this little dude, he’s a scene stealer and a star in the making! The Griswold trip is doomed from the beginning due to Rusty’s last minute rent-a-car reservation which results in the family having to settle for an Armenian made Hooptie, with some “interesting” features to say the least. The Griswold adventure/train wreck stretches from Chicago to California as the family embarks on a wild journey that includes hilarious cameos by Norman Reedus, Charlie Day and Regina Hall and an absolutely unforgettable one by Chris Hemsworth.


Vacation is a great date movie, especially for married couples or couples with children (But don’t Take Them!). The movie tackles issues that are familiar to family units, but in a comedic way that isn’t heavy but still poignant. From Rusty’s feelings of inadequacy to Debbie’s  sexual past, Vacation is a movie that will have you laughing, oftentimes hysterically at the Griswolds’ seemingly unending  string of problems and maybe at the same time give you a reason to chuckle at your own.

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