New Dinner Theater Sushi Roxx Opens in NYC…


The energy level was high.

It may have been the energetic bright red walls. It may have been the exotic stunner standing at the hostess stand, in a sequined red gown and a friendly smile. It may have been the elegant cocktails being sipped.

New York City has a new dinner show in town.

We ventured to Midtown East to The Tuscany Hotel, to check out the soft opening of SUSHI ROXX. A new take on the dinner theater experience, we walked into the sleek bar area, after being greeted by two friendly doormen.  The sophisticated teak tables surrounded by rich chocolate bar stools and hand-blocked wallpaper featuring dragons is a perfect place for an after work cocktail.


As we walked past the hostess stand down the red carpet, the visual eye candy that awaits you transports you to the nightlife Tokyo. Admist all of the red is a bar full of Maneki Neko Lucky Cats. Look up, and you get a glimpse of gigantic Sumo Wrestlers. The interior was designed by DeVinn Bruce, who is known for his work on CO-OP Food & Drink in The Hotel on Rvington and Half & Half at The Hudson Hotel.

The room is lined with high back leathered banquets, making every seat the best in the house. In the center of the room is the 14 personal communal table.

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