Magical Evening at The Frick for an Annual Young Fellows Ball


Would you like to know where the chicest New York City crowd celebrates first week of Spring? At the Frick Collection Young Fellows Ball!

So if you wish to mingle with the promising future leaders that appreciate art and all things nice put this in your calendar and start thinking of an outfit.

This year’s ball was organized in partnership with ALTUZARRA inspired by the  current special exhibition Moroni: The Riches of Renaissance Portraiture.

Garden Court Ambience; photo: Christine A. Butler

We were able to talk to Joseph Altuzzara who has been a fan of The Frick for a long time so once he was given the opportunity to be a part of a such a special night says it was a no brainer.

When he was told about the Notte A Palazzo evening it seemed as a perfect match since a lot of his inspiration comes from paintings. He used to study art history and especially Italian Renaissance.

Some of the attendees wore Altuzzara pieces from his previous collections and he wanted to present and channel “performative” dressing. Meaning, people in portraits would wear their finest clothing and it is a lot about going out to a special event like the one this evening and showing up at your best.

Event Leadership Lili Buffett, Britt Theodora, Larry Milstein, Vanessa Traina, Honorary Chairman and Creative Director of ALTUZARRA Joseph Altuzarra, Selby Drummond, Paul Arnhold, and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator Xavier F. Salomon; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

That is exactly what guests did. They showed up in their finest assembles and once the private residence of businessman and philanthropist Henry Clay Frick was once again filled with gowns, fascinators and range of colors.

Take a look at our favorites

Young Fellows Steering Committee Members Lisa Volling, Larry Milstein, Sarah Flint, Elizabeth Kurpis, Caitlyn Pickens, and Jessica Casey; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Brian Bochner, and Katie Sands; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Sterling McDavid and DJ Nicole Rosé; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Elena Ayot and Guest; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com
Stephanie Maida

Giulia Modenese, Christina Senia, Giorgina Fioruzzi; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Noor Pahlavi and Sara Moskowitz; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Rebecca Vanyo and Desmond Cadogan; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Jasmine Lobe, Patricia Ruiz-Healy, Kathryn Kerns, and Laura Day Webb; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Polina Proshkina; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Morten Nielsen and Francesca Dolnier; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Chairman Paul Arnhold, Wes Gordon, Georgina Bloomberg, and Matthew Fitzpatrick; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Kathryn Kerns, Lara Devgan, Laura Day Webb, Stephanie Nass, and Noreen Ahmad; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Senior Manager of Media Relations and Marketing Alexis Light; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Toby Milstein, Stephanie Nass, and Noor Pahlavi; photo: Christine A. Butler

Avishan Bodjnoud and Adam McDaniel; photo: Christine A. Butler

Brian Drost, Associate Curator Aimee Ng, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator Xavier F. Salomon, and Chairman Larry Milstein; photo: Christine A. Butler

Stephanie Nass; photo: Christine A. Butler

Sunny Lostrito, Neda Hassanzadeh, Ariana C. Farahani, and Tiffany Shahparast; photo: Christine A. Butler

Blaike Young and Emily Kramer; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Karl E. Yeh, Alexandra Bell, Hsien Y. Wong and Guest; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Elise Taylor and Lilah Ramzi; photo: Carl Timpone/BFA.com

For more than twenty years, the Young Fellows have helped to ensure that The Frick Collection remains a singular museum experience. Young Fellows’ gifts support the preservation of the permanent collection, ground-breaking special exhibitions, annual symposia, award-winning concert series, and outstanding lectures, as well as the maintenance of the galleries and gardens of the landmarked Gilded Age mansion. Young Fellows’ events throughout the year offer social and educational opportunities for lively exchange among young art enthusiasts.

Tijana Ibrahimovic; photo: Christine A. Butler

Special thank you to Theia Couture!


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