Mia Babes Salon Grand Opening


Mia Babes, Gary Wagner and Kelly Thier have come together to form a unique partnership at Mia Babes Salon.  Mia Babes Salon brings together a world-renowned celebrity stylist, a uniquely talented celebrity colorist and a discerning client who has knows the details that make the best salons the word has to offer.  This formula makes Mia Babes Salon an unparalleled experience for every customer.  They bring you remarkable talent behind the chair, then combine it with the demands of an uncompromising client in the chair, so that they can offer you a luxuriously personalized salon experience.




When were you last given exactly what you wanted – and needed – at a salon?  Mia Babes Salon brings back the days of the full-service salon, where the client’s needs and desires take center stage and the stylists’ abilities are tools to bring each client’s beauty to life.
They listen and will make you look beautiful in a way that is completely yours.

Mia Babes Salon know you expect the best cut, the best color and the best makeup.  Mia B, Gary W. and Kelly Thier have combined their talents to guarantee that every client will walk out of the salon looking their best.  After a Mia Babes Salon visit, you will carry yourself with the confidence that comes from knowing that your styling team really understands you and what you need to look your best.

To make an appointment visit: https://www.miababessalon.com



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