Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Vampire Facial


Would you dare to get your own blood injected into your face with needles like Kim Kardashian did? Well if so now is the right time so that your skin is ready for the summer!

“Vampire Facial,” involves micro-needling platelet rich plasma into the skin to rejuvenate, increase collagen production and reduce signs of aging.  Please choose the right person for the procedure. I went to Beauty Shaman, Shelly who is a registered nurse, aromatherapist and licensed esthetician at the Every Woman Wellness Center in New York. She also has a great natural beauty products line Beauty Shamans.  These are the procedure steps you need to know before contacting her.

1. Get numb

You will get the numbing cream to apply all over your face, which takes about 30 minutes to kick in.  Numbing cream is optional, but highly recommended.

2. Get your blood taken

Shelly would stuck a needle into your arm to withdraw blood, which contains the PRP. It only takes a minute or two to get the full tube that they need.

3. Spin out the PRP

Although they take a whole tube of your blood, not all of it gets used during the facial. The vial gets put into a centrifuge, which separates the blood into different layers.  Only the white PRP layer, which gets drawn out with a needle will be put back into the face with the microneedles.

4. Get needled

Aesthetician uses a small pen like machine which features tiny needles that puncture your skin as she applies the PRP which is put on the skin. Micro-needles make channels in the skin to help it penetrate to the deeper layers .  The pain was about 4 out of 10 but it would be much worse if you don’t have the numbing cream. Good news: no need to needle your nose but the area around your eyes and lips will hurt more. The microneedling process takes about 20 minutes and for some face hardly bleeds. So hardly even close to that Kim K. blood covered facial.


5. Extreme redness

Immediately after the vampire facial face gets very red and swollen. You typically aren’t allowed to wear any normal makeup at all for 24-36 hours because pores are wide open, so don’t plan to go on a date or a night out. Expect to be red and raw. Don’t wash your face that night or apply any products unless they are recommended by your esthetician.


6. Next Day


7. Resume your usual makeup routine

Two days afterwards, you could start using your normal skincare products. Face color goes back to normal. Expect for skin to feel dry or peel.

8. Be patient

Six days after vampire facial your skin will not be glowing just yet because your skin cells are still regenerating. The collagen stimulation and the rejuvenation effect is four to six weeks even though  most patients get multiple sessions.

9. Peel

Two weeks later get a peel and your skin will achieve the full effect of Vampire Facial. You will look younger and your skin will feel and look amazing! Definitely worth it!


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