The Fourth Clinton Hall Opens in Midtown this Week


Named one of the top 10 most anticipated venue openings in 2018, Clinton Hall recently held the grand opening of its fourth location in Pod 51 Hotel.  Media and special guests had the opportunity to sample the menu and choose from its remarkable selection of 20 draft beers and ciders. One of each, please. 

The rapidly growing chain is famous for its variety of unique and creative food creations, perfect for every foodie and Instagram out there. But more impressive than the presentation is the quality and taste. Every New Yorker should try one of their burgers at least once (or thirty-four times) in their lifetime. The new restaurant boasts an industrial open layout with high ceilings and communal-style seating for over 120 guests.


Beyond the food, the new space continues Clinton’s ongoing devotion to creating a community-driven, inclusive and fun atmosphere for all. Offering games, such as oversized Jenga and Connect 4, and a variety of TV’s strategically positioned throughout the room, it will serve as the perfect hangout spot for beer enthusiasts, foodies, gamers and sports fans alike. The new location is between 1st and 2nd Ave on 51st street and is set to open on March 16th.
Photos by Andrew Werner

Jamie Valentino

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