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Chuan Spa Visit at Langham Hotel 


Chuan Spa and Chuan Body + Soul are the award-winning proprietary spa and wellness brands at Langham Hospitality Group. At Chuan (meaning “flowing water” in Chinese), guests receive holistic signature treatments through integrating the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Five Elements — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water — aim to relax and invigorate the mind, body, and soul. Combined with an integrated fitness concept, Chuan also has an exclusive label of wellness products — oils, incense, candles, teas — which is crafted in consultation with experts in Chinese medicine.

We tried Urban Facial  at 5 star luxury Langham Hotel on Fifth Avenue  that repairs and recovers from your most vital skin care concerning exposure to daily environmental stressors such as pollution, free radicals and UV rays. Very luxurious interior with  a mix of essential plant essence, vitamin-rich berries and plant cell cultures or with a cosmeceutical blend of exfoliating multi-acids and anti-aging peptides. These selected actives combined with an exclusive acupressure and tension easing face and neck massage will leave your skin looking radiant .

Our customized treatment was done by Sheryl and it detoxified and hydrated dry skin. Special treat was Lavander Facial Oil Sheryl used.

There are additional perks at the New York location; steam room, Himalayan salt sauna and vitamin infused shower. We just didn’t want to leave!


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