Sushi in 30

Pop Style TV had to see what  Sushi by Bou at Gansevoort Market is all about. Executive Chef and Owner David Bouhadana celebrated that Bouhadana’s Sensei is in town for one night only from Japan so it was a unique opportunity to test out a 12 piece, 30 minute, $50 omakase menu.
An express sushi meal which seems to be a popular concept in Japan can finally be experienced in New York . As soon as you sit down there is no time for chit chat simply because the clock starts ticking. You experience one piece at the time so you eat as you are served. What’s great is that you are seated directly before the Chef and see the master at work.   4 guests at a time are invited to experience the omakase menu and have a text-only reservation platform.
Omakase menu is ideal for sushi lovers that are stepping out for a lunch break or are limited with time. You know exactly how much time you will spend at Sushi by Bou.
Sushi by Bou at Gansevoort Market 353 W. 14th St



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