At Le Souk Harem


DALE MOSS and TIJANA IBRAHIMOVIC visited one of the most iconic restaurants in New York City – Le Souk Harem! They tasted delicious dishes, got to dance with a belly dancer and got to talk to Ariel Lacayo -a restaurant consultant who manages Le Souk.



Two brothers, Marcus and Sam, had a vision of a place representing their culture. They dreamt to bring the flavor of a fusion of North Africa and Middle Eastern food, with belly dancers, hookah and music to New York City. That was the idea behind the birth of LE SOUK in the East Village.

Le Souk hosts an army of celebrity chefs that help bring a ever perfected balance of North African cuisine with Middle Eastern with and cleverly Mediterranean influence.

Le Souk is also known for its avant-garde taste on Music, being among the first spot in New York housing several world  DJs.

In 2010, Le Souk moved not too far from its original location, in the heart of the Greenwich Village keeping and maintaining its ever growing downtown vibe and style.

video: THOM LEVY
edited by: ERIC ZIQ AUSTIN





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