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The theme for Francesca Liberatore’s SS17 NYFW’s show was simple: Get out the way, because I’m fu**ing fabulous. Whether roaming the busy streets of Manhattan or marching in late to the office, if you’re wearing one of Liberatore’s pieces this year, no one will ( have the right to) question you. Showcasing otherwise simple pieces, with a added pinch of fairy dust with an edge, this was one of our favorite shows this year, and of course, we’ve picked some our favorite looks.


Just like wearing headphones on the subway to express disinterest in communication, why not tell people to fuck off with fashion? Liberatore demonstrates just how unimpressed she is with the world with this silky chic teal dress with an equally teal matching jacket. It’s fashion, unless you’re asking for my drink order, don’t speak to me.


One quality that all of Liberatore’s pieces have this year is class. This particular look embodies the working woman on-the-go, pairing an elegant black skirt with a fabulously sophisticated white blazer. Though the outfit screams good girl, it’s important to remember, looks can be deceiving.


Girls just wanna have fun, right? So did Liberatore, as she strayed away from simplicity and solid colors with some of her pieces, and used her Liberatore Fairy God Mother magic to add some funk. The dress is ready for the late night ball. Adding some floral prints and different shades of the same hue, this gown has no intention of getting home before 12.


Comfort meets runway, this long black dress shows that it can also be chill with sleeves. This year, Liberatore decided to prove that she’s not just a regular designer, she’s a cool designer. And we’re loving the contrast with the white nail polish.


Jamie Valentino

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