Cenia Paredes Releases New Line


Cenia Paredes is launching her new line on HSN and we had the pleasure of attending her preview this week at the Dream Hotel.  Sponsored by 50BleuVodka, the evening included a bar to mix it any way guests wanted and a rooftop view of Manhattan.  The location was the perfect backdrop to a lovely evening.

A graduate of FIT, Cenia created her line out of frustration when shopping. And only finding clothes for one body type.  Having trouble finding clothes that were narrow in the bust and wider in the hips, she developed the -“Cenia Fit” to combat clothes only made for “one body type” she would find in stores.  Models for the line came in all different sizes and the fabric and fit suited each one perfectly.  The dresses also come in “Regular Fit”, which aligns with HSN’s standards for women wider in the bust and hip areas.  The sizes in both fits range from XS to 3X.


The rooftop was filled with avid supporters including family, friends, FIT classmates and teachers.  I had the opportunity to speak to one of Cenia’s former (and very proud) professors who told stories of drilling into the designer’s head that “runway” fabrics and style do not necessarily transfer well to consumers.  She boasted how she knew Cenia had a gift and was definitely going to make it.

The line consists of bold solids, fun patterns, and cuts that show just enough skin to be classy and sexy. I cannot stop fawning over the peacock green belted dress and the high risk red keyhole dress.  Bring out the stilettos and let down your hair and it becomes the perfect line for “Work Day-to-Night Out” dresses.

Cenia’s line is on sale on HSN and be sure to watch her live on HSN June 24th at 5am.


Alexandra Moss

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