What’s in Isabel Bedoya’s Bag?


Isabel Bedoya is not just another vlogger looking to impress people with her social media posts.  Bedoya uses fun Instagram clips, and her DIY videos directed at her 52k+ YouTube subscribers, as platforms to make an impact on women of all shapes and sizes; encouraging them to discover the beauty within.

From Sephora to Benefit Cosmetics, Bedoya has collaborated with some of the top beauty industry thought leaders in delivering her message of beauty, self-confidence and empowerment.  Amongst a sold out show of attendees, this 20 year old has taken Beauty Con, IMATS and New York Fashion Week by storm with her boldly delivered messages that are heavily rooted in hope and determination.

Based in New Jersey, Isabel’s life in the spotlight is a long way from her Colombian upbringing.  An early childhood of hardships forced Isabel to grow up very quickly.  Losing her father at 3 years old and having a mother who never really connected with Bedoya’s feelings of loneliness and lack of belonging; left Bedoya to find her own way in the world.  Low self-esteem and little encouragement from her fractured support system, lead to her never feeling content or confident about her own looks.  Bedoya initially turned to makeup as an escape from her flaws, but through this creative journey of self-discovery she managed to come full circle to learn to love herself despite her flaws.  This pivotal moment of seeing makeup more as art than a way to mask who you are is what not only gave Bedoya the confidence to shine through, but is the source of inspiration for her reaching out to other young women who may be at a crossroads in their own lives.

When she is not creating new inspirational content for her social media platforms, Isabel Bedoya is traveling the globe to share inspirational words of encouragement to assist other young women to gain the confidence needed to discover their own gifts and shine through in the realization that beauty is only skin deep.  Through having a little fun with makeup, Bedoyawants the message of beauty coming from within to resonate with her followers.

Isabel Bedoya currently resides in Essex County with her fiancé and 2 year old son.


Tijana Ibrahimovic

Former news anchor for Serbian National Channel RTV. Upon returning to New York, she set her goal on becoming a culture and entertainment broadcast journalist. Since, she covered red-carpets, film premiers and fashion shows for Elle Serbia, Jones Magazine, Fashion One, The Examiner, The Source, Style Music TV, Vigore! Magazine, The Stashed, The Sybarite, Fashion Reverie, The Knockturnal, Glammonitor  and Wannabe Magazine. Tijana conducted interviews with Oscar de la Renta, Betsey Johnson, Kelsey Grammar, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Ashanti, Kelly Rutherford and many others. That is what led her to writing and producing videos to eventually forming Pop Style TV. “My intension is to investigate, bring the latest trends and introduce the industry’s rising stars from the local and international scene.” She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism and Theatre Management from Brooklyn College. 

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